Things To Consider Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

The top question on a couples mind is the question of where and when the wedding should be, and where it will take place. But, this is not always an easy answer for the couple.

I believe finding the venue you like first is the answer, then you can ultimately choose dates that are still available around the time you want.

Here are some things to look at when choosing a venue.

Consider the numbers

To save you an emotional roller-coaster ride, make sure to consider the number of guests you will need the venue to fit and the days and time it is available. Number of guests, date, time of day and if you have guests that need special accommodations.

Where it is hard to determine how many guests at the beginning, it is necessary when picking your venue. Because, this is one of the first questions the venue will ask, how many guests will be attending.  You only need to have a rough estimate of how large, such as, 25, 50, 75, 200 +. So when looking for a venue on line, you will be able to mark off the ones which don’t fit, this way you only have to visit the ones that do. This will save you a large amount of time.

The Time Of Day matters

Visit the venue on the day you plan on getting married, most couples get married on Saturday, so it makes sense to visit your venue on a Saturday. The closer you get to your wedding date, it is a good idea to go back and view the venue at the same time you plan on getting married. 

Whats your style?

Decide on what type of wedding you want, a rustic, chic wedding, romantic or elegant. Make sure the venue you choose is right for you. Not all venues are alike, they differ in many ways. Is it a full service venue or a minimal venue. Some provide everything you need and some only provide the venue itself. It’s always good to know what you need to get done before the big day.

This is a must! Make sure you get along with your venue staff. And, always, always ask questions. Image

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